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Talk to your visitors to better understand them. Respond directly from Slack workspace.

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Integration for Slack allows you to talk with your visitors directly from Slack. Select Slack channel for conversations notifications.

Install snippet

Just paste code snippet into your website. It takes no more than 5 minutes to setup your account.

Respond in Slack

Respond directly from Slack. You can talk to your visitor from Slack thread.

How it works?

Chatspell is designed to be a fast and responsive tool to communicate with your customers.

When do I get notification?

When someone on your website starts new conversation from Live Chat widget, Chatspell sends notification to previously selected channel.

How can I respond to conversation?

Simply start thread from notification message. Your messages will be automatically synchronized to Live Chat widget.

What if someone leaves website?

Chatspell Live Chat widget remembers previous conversation. If your customer will return back after some time, conversation is saved.




Chatspell is a free Live Chat software for Slack

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